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01 March 2019, 10:51

Lukashenko: New points of tensions emerge along Belarusian border

The meeting in progress
The meeting in progress

MINSK, 1 March (BelTA) – New points of tensions are emerging along the Belarusian border, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as he met with community leaders, experts, Belarusian and foreign media on 1 March, BelTA has learned.

“You all know that Belarus' foreign policy is multi-vector and is aimed at ensuring security and maintaining peace in the world. We are against any form of aggression, both military and information. But new points of tensions are emerging along the Belarusian border. The treaties that have ensured the balance of military power on the planet are collapsing. We are in the midst of a new arms race. When we respond to modern challenges, or make a step towards strengthening our own military capabilities, we immediately see high emotions running both in international political circles and in the internet,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

In this regard, the president mentioned the news that Poland intends to spend around $50 billion on defense. Speaking about defense and security, he touched upon Russia's efforts to strengthen the Western District. “This is the joint group of armed forces in this area which directly borders on NATO. So, if there were the news that Russia deployed some additional regiment to the west of Moscow, we would hear uproar immediately. Here's the attitude to the two facts. Let us then develop some sort of criteria and evaluate the events according to these criteria. I have no idea why Poland is beefing up its army at $50 billion,” the president said.

The head of state noted that Belarus will never be a source of any wars and conflicts, especially with regard to Poland. “We do not need this,” he said.

Alexander Lukashenko called on the media, who are positioning themselves as independent, to be more objective and use the same criteria when informing of such facts.

“We got used to the fact that not everybody is happy about a small independent country in the center of Europe with a quiet life and a socially oriented policy serving human interests. We can see this and understand this. Not everyone likes it. This fact provokes, perhaps, the greatest number of attacks on our domestic policy from unofficial and anonymous sources. You know the best how it works, how easily one can turn any positive news into negative. Fortunately, we have developed immunity against destructive criticism. I read a lot, analyze information, get analytics. I am especially surprised when I see blatant lies,” the head of state said.

The president called for objectivity in evaluating information. “Our people know for sure that justice and truth are the real power. Therefore, this meeting is an opportunity to bring them to people. Experts hold a special niche in the media. You are the leaders of opinion. Journalists, as well as their target audience, look at many facts and events through your eyes, figuratively speaking,” he said.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed confidence that the participation of professional specialists in today's Big Conversation with the President will produce good results. “We have met in the roundtable format many times. You know that there is no such thing as an inconvenient or inappropriate question in our communication. I, therefore, suggest we have a frank dialogue,” the head of state said.

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