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18 January 2022, 12:56

Lukashenko dwells on prospects of constitutional process in Belarus

MINSK, 18 January(BelTA) – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke about the future of the constitutional process in Belarus at a session to review the outcomes of the public discussion of the new Belarus Constitution draft on 18 January, BelTA has learned.

“There are two scenarios: people will either accept the amendments to this Constitution and we will get the revised Constitution, or they will decline these amendments and we will have the current Constitution. This is the answer to the question who needs it and who benefits from it,” the head of state said.

According to the head of state, you can sometimes hear certain people saying that only Lukashenko needs it. “Let's be honest, I don't need this process at all. As you can see, I am a busy man. Forgive me for being indelicate, but I sometimes have so many things to do that I can't even spend an evening at home on a sick leave,” the president said. “I cannot welcome my sons, our boys, more than 200 people, at the airport [this pertains to peacekeepers returning from Kazakhstan], and I cannot instruct someone else to do it on my behalf,” the president said.

“So don't get stuck on Lukashenko. Lukashenko has done his thing. Now we have to do the main thing – to adopt the Constitution, to amend laws, to bring them into compliance with the Constitution. We will do it, there is no big deal. I want everybody to know that we will do it with the involvement of our parliament, with you, current specialists,” the head of state said. “We are not going to look for any specialists abroad to bring the constitutional process to a logical conclusion. When we finish this process and polish all details, please come, we will set up new government bodies, adopt new rules and regulations.”

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that no Constitution can regulate absolutely all aspects of life. “The Constitution, laws, the way of life, the experience of many generations shape the mentality, the character of the nation. This is the main thing. We are ordinary people, 90% of us do not need the Constitution in our everyday life. People clearly understand what they can and cannot do, what is good and what is bad. This is formed within decades and centuries. And this is the main thing for any state, any country, and any nation,” the president is convinced.

He said that every year and every decade bring something new – small, medium and big strokes, and this is how the vision of a nation is formed. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the Constitution of the country must be stable, and it is unnecessary to supersaturate it with details which can be specified in corresponding laws and legal acts.

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