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22 March 2023, 15:04

Lukashenko confident in Belarusian economy's resilience

LOGOISK DISTRICT, 22 March (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko talked to reporters in the WW2 memorial complex Khatyn on 22 March. When asked about the projected development of the country's economy, the president said the economy has not fallen and will not fall, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “The first quarter of the year confirms my optimism that this year should be and will be at least as good as last year. If we live this year just like we did last year and if we hit performance targets set at a government meeting on top of that, we will live a normal life.”

The head of state stressed that Belarus had managed to survive in complicated conditions, including in the face of severe sanctions-fuelled pressure, because the country had preserved a solid manufacturing base inherited from the Soviet Union. “Because we didn't destroy what we'd inherited from the Soviet Union. Why are we such heroes now? Why can I talk about some economic matters and about modern technologies in Iran and China? Because during the Soviet times we were the brain. Ukraine, Belarus, and partially the Baltic states were the brain. What is left now? Nothing. Except what Belarus has,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated. “All the products are in demand. Because we stand on shoulders of Soviet giants. Optics, electronics, lasers, and the rest are made in Belarus, too.”

In some areas Belarus has made a significant leap forward and has surpassed other countries. For instance, in microelectronics. “They are great guys. They are not lagging behind at all,” he remarked. Although some people believe that Belarusian microelectronics products are inferior to imports as far as nanometers are concerned. But a recent government conference on microelectronics revealed that positions of Belarusian enterprises are rather strong. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, he mentioned it in a phone call with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. “We have everything to allow aircraft to fly, tanks to drive, and rockets to fly into outer space,” the Belarusian leader said. “I told him plainly: if we cannot make a phone, an iPhone today, we will buy one. But we have everything to allow tractors, electric vehicles, motorcycles, automobiles, missiles, combat vehicles, and aircraft to move.”

Belarus and Russia are now channeling additional financial resources into the development of the microelectronics industry. It will foster consequent technological advance in the economy sector, Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced. “It may be good that they [Western countries] have enforced sanctions. We will now focus on ourselves. We will not count on selling natural gas, oil, on earning billions of U.S. dollars and giving them back in exchange for all kinds of ‘trifles' like Russia [used to]. We will make these trifles on our own and will make them in Russia and Belarus. These are our plans,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said figuratively speaking.

“It is absolutely true that we have not fallen. You can feel it. Yes, people's lives vary… But we have not fallen and will not fall,” the president stated.

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