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22 March 2023, 13:23

Lukashenko cautions against giving Ukraine depleted-uranium shells

LOGOISK DISTRICT, 22 March (BelTA) – Encouraging the escalation of combat operations in Ukraine is not a good idea. It is necessary to steer towards peace offers instead. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement when asked about intentions of the West to supply Ukraine with depleted-uranium ammunition, BelTA has learned.

The question addressed to the head of state mentioned the UK's recent statements about the intention to supply Ukraine with depleted-uranium ammunition. A Russian reporter asked the head of state to comment on that. Aleksandr Lukashenko immediately responded to the question by saying: “I'll say that Russia will supply us with ammunition with ‘genuine' uranium.”

The Belarusian leader said: “If those people [in the West] are crazy, then they give a nudge to this process. It is the most dreadful and most dangerous thing. This is why it is necessary to slightly steer away from craziness.”

The president stressed that once this ammunition is used, Russia's response and the consequences will be terrible: “Once this ammunition blows up at positions of Russian troops, you will see that the response will be a terrible lesson for the entire planet. Russia has more than depleted uranium. You know it perfectly well.”

“It is not a good idea to start a trend towards escalation in this war. It is necessary to move towards a peaceful resolution the kind Putin and Xi Jinping talked about. The Russian leadership and one of the world's largest powers – China – and many other nations agree with that,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

Dwelling on the topic of escalation on the part of the West, Aleksandr Lukashenko answered a question of representatives of Russian mass media, who wondered whether anyone has “brakes” over there. He said: “No. They don't have brakes. In addition to uranium do you remember what that crazy ambassador said? I am thinking now. It is a big question for me. I think your leadership [Russia's] after Xi Jinping's visit will start thinking harder about it. Putin and I will pay attention to it. [The ambassador] stated that if they lose or are about to lose in Ukraine, then they will start fighting. Poles will.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that Europeans are already sick and tired of the Polish government and its policy. He remarked: “For instance, Germans tremble already.” “Everyone is sick and tired of them. Because Americans sit over there now. There is no sovereignty or independence over there. Poles do what Americans tell them to do. There are no elections over there. Poles are not dumb people. But who listens to them? Poland is such a totalitarian country,” he noted.

“And then [the ambassador] blurted out they will fight against Russia. Which means they will start with us. What are we to do? I say again: the first question we will discuss with Putin is how we should put them in their place,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He stressed if Ukraine's leadership were a little bit smarter, everything would have ended a long time ago. “In the end, those are mainly our kind of people. We understand them, they understand us. But over there, particularly Poland is a hyena of Europe. Then there are Lithuanians. They and Poles hate each other as well. You know why. So, Americans have brought them together. This belt has been created. They are getting ready to fight against us. Well, they may try,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “This is why uranium is idle talk. If they are smart, they will never do it. I think we will be able to talk to responsible people in the UK and discuss this issue soon.”

In conclusion the head of state stressed that it is not a good idea to play some games now. “Belarusians and Russians have to take care of their own interests. So that our people will not die like they did in 1941, god forbid. Everyone tried to placate the Nazi so hard back then. They placated them so hard that the Nazi nearly reached Moscow several months later. This is why it is necessary to make the relevant conclusions from it.”

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