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31 March 2023, 11:37

Lukashenko calls for negotiations to avoid WW3

MINSK, 31 March (BelTA) – World War Three with nuclear fires is on the horizon, it can be avoided only through negotiations. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement in his Address to the nation and the parliament on 31 March, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Through efforts of the United States of America and its satellites a full-scale war has been launched in a country that is kindred to us. A war ‘to the last Ukrainian'. End of quote. About 0.5 million people from both sides have been killed and maimed over the course of one year as a result of the war. Millions are now refugees. As a result, World War Three with nuclear fires now looms ahead. There is one question: what to do? All of you understand and know that there is one way: negotiations. Negotiations without preliminary conditions!”

The president stated that if the West once again tries to exploit pause in combat operations in order to reinforce its positions through deceit, then Russia will be forced to use the entire might of its military industrial complex and the army to prevent the conflict from escalating. “Phosphorous munitions, depleted uranium, enriched uranium. Everything must be used if once again we see deceit and at latest the smallest movement to Ukraine or from the other side, from the side of Russia, troop movement and preparations for an attack,” he said.

“All the problems: territorial problems, restoration problems, security problems and the rest should be and can be resolved through negotiations. Without preliminary conditions,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed once again.

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