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12 December 2022, 12:46

Belarus, Russia to develop their own manufacturing competences

MINSK, 12 December (BelTA) – Belarus and Russia are intent on developing their own competences and will manage regardless of the refusal of a number of foreign companies to cooperate. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he made a number of personnel decisions on 12 December, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “President Putin and I have reached a solid agreement. If you are out, you are out. We will develop our own competences, our own manufacturing. And we will manage. Russia has already started manufacturing the Moskvich, Zhiguli (Lada now) cars we know. They've started making them one way or another. GAZ Company will make Volga cars. You must remember this Soviet Union brand. They will be more advanced. We make Geely cars. I am talking about the automobiles that the population needs. Not executives. Executive personnel can drive around in Aurus cars. So government officials and executives will drive them. This car will be up to snuff soon. It will be at least as good as Mercedes cars.”

As for trucks, Belarus and Russia make such truck brands as MAZ and KamAZ. There are also enterprises that make tractors, machines, and mechanisms for agriculture.

“This is why if someone is leaving, let them go. Don't hold on to anyone. But take control of the enterprise right away. Don't wait for {Prime Minister of Belarus Roman] Golovchenko and [Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor] Sergeyenko to give you some instructions and change the incorporation type. It is your property as of that moment,” the head of state stressed.

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