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01 January 2023, 00:00

Belarus president addresses nation on New Year's Eve

Aleksandr Lukashenko
Aleksandr Lukashenko

Belarus president addresses nation on New Year's Eve

My fellow Belarusians!

Guests of Belarus!

The New Year night, the most awaited and most fleeting night of the year has come.

At home, among friends, on the job or on the road – all of us now look at the watch and see how minutes rapidly fly by, bringing us closer to the new year 2023.

In a moment this year – the Year of Historical Memory – will also become part of the past while events of the year will fill another chapter in the chronicle of life of the Belarusian nation.

Many wonder how we will remember this year in our memory.

As a complicated year, a contradictory year, intense at times. But most importantly it was peaceful for us.

We may have felt a threat to the calm and safe life we are used to even to a greater degree than before.

We started worrying more about our kids, family members, friends, and even started thinking about the fate of humanity. We came to more acutely recognize the value of peace in the native land, which became the key accomplishment of the year for us.

The year 2022 became a year of political choice.

Belarusians responded with unity in defense of their historical memory, their principles and traditions. Everyone, who takes the fate of the native country to heart, took part in the discussion of the New Constitution and determined the future of Belarus.

And certainly the year 2022 went down in history as a year of fruitful labor.

We gathered in a record-high harvest of cereals – more than a tonne per capita. We secured our own food supply, fed millions of inhabitants of the planet and earned over Br20 billion by exporting food.

We built new clinics, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, bridges and roads – over 50 large-scale projects.

We bolstered energy security. Belarusians will not have to spend their last ruble to pay for electricity and heating, which are becoming luxuries for our neighbors.

We preserved jobs and the social orientation of the economy – everyone, who needed aid, got it.

About 50,000 Belarusian families are welcoming in the New Year in new apartments.

Certainly, we did not manage to accomplish all the designs but we worked a lot and productively.

I thank every one of you for this year!

Everyone, who brings up our kids, teaches school students and university students, cures us, and helps lonely people.

I thank workers and peasants, foremen and managers, heads of enterprises – all those, who make life more comfortable by developing the sphere of services, those, who add bright colors to it by realizing creative projects, and those, who provide security by solidly defending the borders and order in our common home – Belarus.

I am proud of you – genuine masters of the sacred Belarusian land!

Dear Belarusians!

You have to agree that despite trials of the outgoing year a lot of good things happened to us.

We created new products and penetrated new markets at a time when we were being choked with sanctions.

Borders were closed for us while we rediscovered our country of Belarus. Many had a fresh look at their country, recognized the riches we have: beautiful nature, secrets of historic past, treasures of the national culture and traditions. They learned more about the native land and became more proud of it.

We responded with trust and friendship to those, who fence themselves off from us. Hundreds of thousands of citizens of the European Union came to Belarus without visas and without hindrances.

We took in refugees from hot spots, gave them shelter and jobs. We welcomed new citizens into our family.

Over 7,000 foreigners from 31 countries already work for the benefit and prosperity of their new Motherland. Most of them are Ukrainians.

Belarus has been and will remain a hospitable and friendly country. A country open to everyone, who takes our values and traditions to heart, who genuinely falls in love with the country and wants to call themselves Belarusians.

Dear compatriots!

This year we've seen how small our spacious world is. Starting a conflict in one country is enough for the entire planet to run a fever.

I know you want to hear what happens next most of all. Will Belarus remain an island of security? I am sure this will be the key wish you will make at midnight.

The answer is simple: everything in our life will depend on every one of us. And on all of us together.

If we want to live in peace and security, then we have to first and foremost respect and appreciate work of the military, security, and law enforcement personnel, raise kids as patriots of their country, and observe the law.

If we want to live in peace and prosperity, then we have to work a lot, honestly, and with due diligence.

If we want to live in a free and independent state, then we have to safeguard and protect historical memory, spiritual values, and original traditions.

We declare the next year the Year of Peace and Creation. It corresponds to the spirit of the time and desires of our hearts.

I wish peace and goodness to dear Belarus as strongly as you do.

I wish good health and kid's laughter to every family.

Care of friends and warm-heartedness to every lonely person.

Family harmony and prosperity in every home.

May our dreams come true!

Be happy, take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

Happy New Year, dear Belarusians!

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