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26 January 2023, 15:54

Senator: Resolutions of European Parliament have no legal force

MINSK, 26 January (BelTA) - The resolutions of the European Parliament have no legal force, Chairman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs and National Security of the Council of the Republic Sergei Rachkov told reporters while commenting on the European Parliament's resolution on the establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine, BelTA has learned.

"The Council of the Republic categorically condemns the resolution by the European Parliament of 19 January, which is an openly politically biased document. Of course, we very often see the European Parliament adopt such documents and we continuously say that they do not correspond to reality, that they contain a lot of disinformation and fake postulates. So they have churned out another document about the alleged establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine," Sergei Rachkov said. “Documents issued by the European Parliament, in particular this resolution, have no legal force. It is more of a tool to put pressure on individual countries. In particular, they continue their attempts to exert pressure on the Republic of Belarus. In fact, we are talking about interference in the internal affairs of our country."

"We frankly and clearly state that the Republic of Belarus, being in the heart of Europe, always pursues a peace-loving foreign policy aimed at the peaceful coexistence of states," the senator stated. “We once again emphasize that it was Aleksandr Lukashenko who initiated the Russian-Ukrainian peace talks, and Belarus hosted three rounds of them. Over more than 25 years, under the leadership of the Belarusian president, our country has achieved significant progress in social and economic, spiritual and cultural development. There are no grounds to say that Belarus is involved in the situation in Ukraine. The European Parliament, apparently, should think about the corruption scandals they are engulfed in. It is not the place of the European Parliament to teach the Republic of Belarus."

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