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27 January 2023, 17:13

Russian MFA: Germany has no moral and ethical right to supply hardware to kill Russians

Maria Zakharova. TASS file photo
Maria Zakharova. TASS file photo

MOSCOW, 27 January (BelTA) – Germany has no moral and ethical right to supply hardware to kill Russians, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a news briefing in Moscow on 27 January, BelTA has learned.

Maria Zakharova noted that among the countries that have announced their plans to supply tanks to Ukraine, Germany is a special story. "We remember very well what German tanks were. A symbol not just of death, not just of a deadly ideology. They became a symbol of antihumanism as a global, existential threat to the entire planet," she said. “The SS uniform and German tanks with Third Reich symbol became an internationally recognizable symbol of the mankind falling into the abyss of hatred, horror and massacre. From that abyss we were all pulled out by soldiers of the Red Army and the anti-Hitler coalition."

"Now we will see German tanks on our land again. At least such are their plans. We remember how it ended then. Does Berlin? Most importantly, they must understand that the Germans do not have any moral right to supply their armored vehicles for military operations against Russia," the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.

In this regard, she cited one of the German MPs who spoke in the Bundestag on 25 January. "Addressing Scholz [German chancellor], he said that it was a historic day and that Scholz had just destroyed all the foundations of the German foreign policy in the post-war period. Germany bears a special responsibility for the victims of World War II. That has long been the cornerstone of Germany's existence," Maria Zakharova said.

"The slogan 'Never again' meant that no German weapons would be supplied to conflict zones, and that had always been the cornerstone of foreign policy. Germany itself is well aware that Berlin has no moral, legal or ethical right to supply armored vehicles and tanks to kill Russians," she stressed.

According to Maria Zakharova, Olaf Scholz made the decision to supply tanks to the combat zone in Ukraine because he is not a historical figure. "There are politicians who have political power, resources and support, including that of the electorate but who have no courage to make the right choice, not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, for which, we, including the people of Germany, paid a huge price," the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"It is impossible to believe that the West will supply tanks, German tanks, to the place where these tanks brought so much grief and suffering and killed tens of millions of people," Maria Zakharova stressed.

"The day when the decision to supply Leopard tanks was made was truly historic, as the German MP said. Historic because it chronicled what we have long been talking about - the absolute loss of Germany's sovereignty. Scholz forever stripped Germany of its independent foreign policy. He abandoned everything that his predecessors had built in the decades after World War II."

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