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03 June 2022, 15:03

Russian MFA: Export of grain from Ukraine is hampered by Ukrainian mines, not by Russia

MOSCOW, 3 June (BelTA) - The export of grain from Ukraine is hampered not by Russia but by Ukrainian mines, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said at a briefing for the press in Moscow on 3 June, BelTA has learned.

"Another example of Ukrainian and Western disinformation is the unfounded allegations that Russia allegedly prevents the export of grain from Ukraine by sea, and that's why the world is allegedly facing a threat of famine. Everyone knows that the export of grain is hindered by mines placed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, not by anything else. This is what prevents the export of grain. The degree of absurdity is sky high. Soon they will say that grain itself does not want to leave the territory of Ukraine. This is beyond the reach of any reason," Maria Zakharova said.

Ukraine is planting explosive devices everywhere, including agricultural land and port facilities. "The Russian military, on the contrary, are working to deactivate them. The ports in Mariupol and Berdyansk resumed work after the Russian and DPR military cleared their territory of explosive and other objects," Maria Zakharova noted.

Maria Zakharova also stressed that Russia is ready to supply its grain to countries in need, but the West, having imposed the sanctions, has created insurmountable problems for this. "Russia is ready to provide the conditions for the export of grain from Odessa and other ports in the Black Sea and Azov Sea," she said. “As we have repeatedly said at all levels, the Russian Armed Forces daily open maritime humanitarian corridors for unimpeded movement of ships. We emphasize once again that in case of demining of the water areas, we will be ready to ensure the safe export of grain, including escorting transport vessels to the international waters of the Black Sea. Russia is also ready to supply its grain to all countries in need. But once again we would like to emphasize and very much hope that this information will reach the end users - this is prevented by the West, which, for the sake of its political and, by the way, commercial interests, has imposed the restrictions on the entry of foreign ships into Russian ports, on the serving of Russian ships in foreign ports, and also created insurmountable barriers in insurance and banking transactions.

"I would like to repeat again: Russia is ready to supply its grain to all countries in need. If the United States and the EU countries really want to solve the problem of world hunger, about which they have been talking so much recently, they must abolish the relevant restrictions. Then all those in need will be able to get grain," Maria Zakharova concluded.

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