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30 January 2023, 16:46

Opinion: United States wants to destroy Germany as its main rival in Europe

Photo from Unsplash
Photo from Unsplash

MINSK, 30 January (BelTA) – The United States wants to destroy Germany as its main rival in Europe, PhD in Law, expert in intelligence services Sergei Karnaukhov said in a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA's YouTube channel.

"In my opinion, everything is done according to a plan. The fact that there is a plan is obvious to me. I admire their manner of working in many ways. Let's take it one step at a time. Why is Poland acting so aggressively? Look at the ranking of economic growth during the period of the special military operation. This is a new ranking. Top 10 countries by gross domestic product: the U.S. is first with $25.04 trillion. China is second with $18.32 trillion. Japan is in third with $4.3 trillion and Germany ranks fourth with $4.03 trillion. Everyone else is far away. Germany is the main competitor of the United States in Europe. Germany is a hub of high technology, the industrial powerhouse of Europe. What kind of Germany does the United States of America need? Germany without an economy, without innovation, and European leadership ambitions. This is why they blow up the pipeline and lure German companies. Puff, and the German manufacturing sector is gone," Sergei Karnaukhov said.

German manufacturers will leave Europe very quickly, the expert said. "The U.S. green subsidies, which encourage European industries to relocate to the U.S., are very effective. They relocate not only workshops but entire cooperation chains. And most importantly - specialists. People who know how to work in industry are leaving Europe. The sector is disappearing. Accordingly, they need to put pressure on Germany. This requires an aggressive country like Poland which they will discard afterwards. It must be pitted against Germany. In order to keep it obedient it would be nice to put it in charge of some very important task that directly depends on the United States," he added.

“How do you do that?” the expert asked. "They understand that the main European problem now is LNG import capacities. LNG is delivered to the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. In order to increase production volumes or rather the volume of liquefied natural gas import, they need not only re-gasification facilities but also pipes, inter-connectors - adapters to supply it further. Ideally, gas should be supplied to the manufacturing sector or what's left of it. But first it should be stored to be pumped according to the demand,” Sergei Karnaukhov noted. “Another dream of the United Stated is to extend their LNG reach to households. So far, this problem cannot be solved. There are two technological difficulties here. They do not have the technology to make the pipes of necessary parameters. Russia has such competencies. Meanwhile, they do not even know how to approach this technological problem. There are many other difficulties. Of course, all this will be resolved. For the time being the goal is to put Poland in charge of some major energy project that will be highly lucrative for Poland, and keep it compliant.

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