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22 December 2022, 17:31

Opinion: There is no one to make peace with in Ukraine

MINSK, 22 December (BelTA) – The current leadership of Ukraine has no subjectivity, political scientist Aleksandr Shpakovsky said in a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA's YouTube channel.

When asked about the independence of Ukraine, Aleksandr Shpakovsky noted that during the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine on the territory of Belarus after the start of the special operation, the Ukrainian delegation seemed to be willing to negotiate. “I don't think it was some kind of military ruse. However, after a dressing down from the ‘older comrades', the tone and the nature of the proposals changed absolutely. The political and economic analysis indicates that today Ukraine provides itself in terms of finances only by 25%. The remaining 75% is financed from credit funds and subsidies from foreign countries," Aleksandr Shpakovsky noted.

From the point of view of armaments, Ukraine also depends primarily on the United States. In this regard, there is no talking about the subjectivity of Ukraine. Aleksandr Shpakovsky believes that if there had been an instruction from there to stop hostilities, the Ukrainian side would have entered into negotiations. "Up to a certain stage, the proposals did not pose a threat to Ukraine. They included three points: neutral status and refusal to join NATO, recognition of the rights of Russian-speaking citizens and the cessation of the activities of Nazi political and military formations," the political scientist recalled.

Aleksandr Shpakovsky added that they still say that there is no Nazism in Ukraine, except for "just Azov." “But what does ‘just Azov', which includes several thousand outright extremists with swastikas, mean? We see that not only Azov, but also the whole society, the armed forces are permeated with this ideology," Aleksandr Shpakovsky believes.

According to the political scientist, the stated goals of the special military operation in Ukraine have not been achieved. "If we talk about the demilitarization of Ukraine, then Ukraine is now one of the most militarized countries. If we talk about denazification, then this is a state preaching Nazi ideology - this is my assessment. In this regard, unfortunately, we cannot expect any subjectivity from the current leadership. I suspect that only military defeat can encourage society to change the situation. In this regard, the forecast for the development of the situation, alas, is negative, because there is no one to make peace with. That's on the one hand. On the other hand, there is no readiness for peace," Aleksandr Shpakovsky concluded.

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