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12 December 2022, 10:52

Opinion: Merkel's statement about the Minsk agreements is a lie

Oleg Gaidukevich. An archive photo
Oleg Gaidukevich. An archive photo

MINSK, 12 December (BelTA) – Merkel's statement about the Minsk agreements is a publicity stunt, a lie and opportunism, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus (LDPB), member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Oleg Gaidukevich told a BelTA correspondent.

“The president of Belarus gave a very accurate assessment of the statement made by the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the Minsk agreements. In fact, her statement is false. She is adapting to the situation. Strong politicians, people who practice what they preach always stick to their principles. “In fact, when the Minsk agreements were signed, Merkel represented a Germany that had some kind of sovereignty in contrast to today's Germany that is completely under the sway of the United States. Back then she said completely different things. She said that war was not needed, that peace was needed. And I am sure that those statements of hers were much more truthful. Now she does not have the will, the courage to tell the truth that this policy is wrong, it destroys the European Union. Had she said this, she would have had much more respect. Instead, she opted to adjust to the current situation. She justified virtually everything that Germany and the EU as a whole are doing to destroy Europe, and she supported the war,” the MP said.

This is obnoxious, deceitful, opportunistic, the MP noted. “This is what the president said, who witnessed these events and was a direct participant in the signing of the Minsk agreements. Back then Merkel ran around Putin in order to reach an agreement on something. And now she is lying and deceiving. The most important thing is that no one let Merkel take part in the talks, she was kicked out of politics, removed from the political spotlight. And now she is seeking attention hoping that she will be offered some other position, something else. Yet, the most important thing is that everything she says is an outright lie and opportunism, absolute adaptation to the current political situation,” she said.

“Our president always tells the truth,” Oleg Gaidukevich stated. “If we take the statements that he has made over the past 10 years, we will see that what he said 10 years ago he keeps saying now. And if we take the situation with Ukraine, the position of Belarus has not changed at all. Lukashenko advocated for peace in 2014 and is doing it now. Nothing has changed. Therefore, it is now obvious who is telling the truth and who is lying. And the worst thing for Germany is that they are adjusting their entire policy to accommodate the United States. This is terrible. And, by the way, Merkel used to make some attempts to promote Germany's interests. She defended the Nord Stream. Has she already forgotten about it? She defended trade and economic relations with Russia. Has she forgotten? And then she betrayed her own ideas, her own convictions. In fact, she betrayed Germany, the German people by making such statements. She used to say completely different things,” the MP said.

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