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22 May 2023, 09:29

MP: Belarus' presidency is a milestone period in the CSTO history

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 22 May (BelTA) – Belarus' chairmanship in the CSTO is an important milestone in the history of the organization, member of the House of Representatives Igor Khlobukin told BelTA.

“Belarus' chairmanship in the CSTO is a landmark chapter in the history of the organization that helps bring together and unite our nations. President Aleksandr Lukashenko put forward a number of proposals at the meeting with participants of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Council meeting. These proposals are aimed to strengthen and intensify military and political cooperation and economic integration of a number of former Soviet nations. They are another testimony to the fact that the unipolar world and the US hegemony are almost over. The motto of the Belarusian chairmanship “Through solidarity and cooperation to peace and security” that was also voiced by the head of state is more than symbolic. It calls for closing ranks at the CSTO amidst the deterioration of the geopolitical situation in Europe and the world in general, for adopting effective measures in order to iron out disagreements that hamper the development of the organization, for ensuring security and stability in the CSTO area of responsibility,” said Igor Khlobukin.

Belarus is presiding over the CSTO in an extremely difficult geopolitical period, the deputy stressed. “The world is actually on the brink of war on the continent, and the conflict in Ukraine has already turned into the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Our country is known in the world for its peace proposals and direct participation in resolving the most severe conflicts and confrontations in contemporary history. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the president sees the priorities of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly as the following: convergence and harmonization of national legislations and monitoring of election campaigns in the member states. In general, since it was established, the Parliamentary Assembly has passed 82 basic documents, including 12 model laws and agreements, 70 recommendations in the field of countering terrorism and extremism, ensuring information security, emergency response, defense partnerships, humanitarian assistance. It is important to understand that the creation of a common legal space in the field of collective security has a direct impact on the quality of joint efforts to prevent internal and external threats in the member countries and in the CSTO area of responsibility,” the MP noted.

“The tense situation in the world sets new tasks for the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly. The organization needs to keep improving coordination in the international arena, to speak as a single front in international organizations and interstate unions, to consistently and persistently defend peace initiatives and national interests of the participating countries, to pay close attention to interaction and cooperation with partners in the CSTO. In this case this progressive military and political union will become more attractive not only for the former Soviet nations, but also for countries of Southeast Asia, and maybe even the Middle East and China,” added Igor Khlobukin.

“Today, the CSTO countries are able to respond to any kind of threats. Yet, we need to improve interaction mechanisms and support each other in difficult times, change the rules of the game in the international community and make other countries listen to us, reckon with us and take into account our interests in the name of peace, security, stability and prosperity of our countries,” the deputy stated.

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