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09 March 2023, 09:22

Expert speaks about the role of alliance with Russia for Belarus

MINSK, 9 March (BelTA) - Political scientist Yuri Shevtsov spoke about the role of the alliance with Russia for Belarus in a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA's YouTube channel.

“The drift of China and the United States away from each other is part of the general process of the disappearance of the U.S.-centric world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world became U.S.-centric. There was no other such power. China gradually grew up in the shadow of this U.S.-centric world. Today, the weakening of the USA because of China's strengthening means that the USA can no longer influence other parts of the planet as it used to. Therefore, there is a development of conflicts, power and other regions and countries,” the political scientist said.

“The fight for power and resources have been a natural thing as long as humanity has existed. It is simply a question of the forms and the place of, for example, our country in all of this. I think that in our situation there will be a period of instability for 10 years. The region we are in is one of the most, or maybe the most dangerous region on the planet today. If Belarus, due to various circumstances, manages to avoid the involvement in the war in Eastern Europe, then, maybe, we will live normally till the period when there will be a new stabilization on the planet, when the United States and China, Russia and India will reach a new Yalta peace or some other unitary organization of life,” the expert said.

Yuri Shevtsov believes that “any decision of Belarus to leave the union with Russia will instantly turn Belarus into a battlefield”, as it is happening in Ukraine today. “I think our leadership, as well as the people, have enough sobriety to understand that. Look back at the year 2020. Here we are today, looking back at it, looking at what is happening in Ukraine. We can already see that if we had had any slackness then, everything would be in flames now, as it is there today. So I think that society and the state were able to hold the situation together, realizing what was going on, and managed to hold the situation, relying on the alliance with Russia. There is no other way now either. Whether some people like it or not - we have only one way for one of a thousand chances to hold out from getting involved in the great wave. This is an alliance with Russia, and by and large this is Russia's victory in the war,” he said.

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