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30 March 2023, 17:46

Colossal preparations for Belarus president's forthcoming address to nation, parliament

Natalya Eismont. An archive photo
Natalya Eismont. An archive photo

MINSK, 30 March (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko is making colossal preparations for the forthcoming address to the Belarusian nation and the parliament due on 31 March. The Belarus president's Press Secretary Natalya Eismont made the statement on the air of the TV channel STV, BelTA has learned.

Natalya Eismont said: “The situation is changing so rapidly around us and accordingly the importance of such events is rapidly rising. No doubt, it has always been a fundamental event, one of the most important events on the head of state's schedule in any calendar year but the importance and the attention the address commands, for instance, this year are impossible to overestimate. And people both inside and far outside of our country pay this attention. The understanding and the recognition of importance dictate the more serious rules for preparations. Because the talking points the head of state will voice are so important for further understanding and further work of the entire society and the entire country that it cannot be short-term and cannot be prepared very fast.”

Live broadcast of Belarus president's address to nation, parliament to begin at 11:00 on 31 MarchLive broadcast of Belarus president
It has been previously reported that Aleksandr Lukashenko will address the nation and the parliament from the Palace of the Republic. The president is expected to answer questions from those present.

Natalya Eismont stressed that only while deeply immersed in all these processes, all the little details, the president works out his messages that he will later on convey to the society. “We've already said how people will listen to the president in 2023. Certainly, the president recognizes it perfectly well and the responsibility for preparing this event is colossal. Every talking point, every word, every letter, sentence and even pauses must be exactly placed and verified. The president recognizes it and is making simply colossal preparations,” she stated.

BelTA reported earlier that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko will address the nation and the parliament on 31 March. The address is expected to begin at 11:00.

Aleksandr Lukashenko's speech will be broadcast live by all the national TV channels, including a satellite one, by the Belarusian radio, by the Belarus president's website, and by YouTube channels of state-run mass media.

A televised version of the address will go on air of all the national TV channels at 21:00.

It has been previously reported that Aleksandr Lukashenko will address the nation and the parliament from the Palace of the Republic.

Members of the parliament, delegations from the oblasts and the city of Minsk, top-ranking government officials, members of the central government, heads of government agencies and mass media, representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, heads of religious denominations, former MPs, representatives of the real sector of the economy, young Belarusians, representatives of the civil society, and reporters have been invited to attend the event. A total of over 2,500 people will attend the event.

Prophetic nature of Lukashenko's last year's address to nation, parliament emphasizedProphetic nature of Lukashenko
An annual address to the nation and the parliament is a milestone, fundamental event, during which the head of state shapes the strategy for the country's development in the short term. In anticipation of the new address by the head of state let's recall several key aspects of the previous one.

The president is expected to answer questions from those present.

Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned he intends to address the nation and the parliament as he met with representatives of foreign and Belarusian mass media in mid-February. “We are preparing the address absolutely sincerely. There will be a reaction to all the questions. And we will try to take a look slightly ahead within the framework of this address,” the head of state noted.

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