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27 February 2023, 11:17

Belarus' updated Constitution hailed as true agreement between authorities and society

MINSK, 27 February (BelTA) - The referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution took place in Belarus a year ago, on 27 February 2022. The results of the nationwide voting showed that the Belarusians support the idea of expanding the power of the people and strengthening democracy in the country, Chairman of the Belarusian Constitutional Court Piotr Miklashevich told BelTA.

“The results of the referendum testify to the fact that the ideas of strengthening democratic foundations of the society and state, development of democracy are fully supported by the citizens of our country. The referendum also showed that the preservation of national identity, cultural and spiritual traditions and values are the basis for further development of Belarus without any revolutionary shocks,” Piotr Miklashevich said.

The updated Constitution became the foundation of the country's further evolutionary development, since the document took into account many of the proposals that were voiced during the large-scale discussion of the bill with representatives of all segments of the population. The referendum on amending the Constitution demonstrated the readiness of the society and the authorities to seek and find compromises on improving the political system of the state in accordance with the current challenges of the time.

Thanks to the adoption of the updated Basic Law, a new body of power, the Belarusian People's Congress, has been set up in the country. The new body has been vested with broad powers, including the right to elect the head and members of the CEC, the Constitutional and the Supreme Courts and to introduce the state of emergency or martial law in the country.

“The updated Basic Law of the country is indeed a true agreement between the authorities and the society to improve the political system of the state, it reflects the aspiration and desire of the Belarusian people to develop their country peacefully and steadily on the constitutional basis,” Piotr Miklashevich said.

He also emphasized that the people's broad support for the updated Constitution showed high level of the people's confidence in the authorities and the course pursued by the president to ensure sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus.

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