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24 February 2023, 17:49

Belarus, Russia adopt joint statement at OSCE PA

MINSK, 24 February (BelTA) - The delegation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the delegation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus have adopted a joint statement at the 22nd Winter Meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, BelTA learned from the press service of the upper house of parliament.

“We state that the collective West, in blatant contradiction to the original tasks of the OSCE as a platform for equal inter-parliamentary dialogue, seeks to monopolize it in order to promote a geopolitically biased view of the genesis and development of the Ukrainian tragedy. The special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces is designed to put an end to it,” the statement says. “The entire population of Ukraine has become hostages of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev that has been nurtured by the Anglo-Saxons and their satellites and that is constantly fed with weapons, intelligence and other factors of military escalation. In order to save the lives of civilians, Russia had to use force to end the war unleashed against them by Western states, the root cause of which was the 2014 coup d'état instigated by key capitals of the North Atlantic alliance. It resulted in Ukraine's complete loss of state sovereignty and the inevitable return of Russia's historical territories to its motherland.”

Now the Anglo-Saxon elites, being unable to give up their obsession with total domination in Europe and the world, are leading the way to a global catastrophe, the document stresses. “We expect that the political forces still remaining in the OSCE space, which have the necessary will, will not let this happen. Yet the Parliamentary Assembly and its governing bodies have no right to be constantly biased and to condone total Ukrainization of this venue as a whole. We demand that the atmosphere of hostility and confrontation cease to build up. At the same time, we do not call on certain delegations, which have clearly demonstrated during the discussions the depth of the degradation of their political culture, to engage in self-education. We only want them to realize their responsibility for preserving the remaining channels of communication between the parties to the military-political confrontation, which is gaining momentum through no fault of ours,” the statement runs.

“Russia and Belarus have consistently advocated pragmatic engagement with all states on the basis of mutual consideration of interests and the principle of equal and indivisible security. The joint statement by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on the crisis of security and cooperation in the OSCE area adopted at the OSCE Ministerial Council meeting in Lodz in December 2022 noted in particular the importance of de-ideologized, pragmatic dialogue to resolve common security problems. It is a question of uniting efforts to counter transnational challenges and threats on an equal footing, developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the context of overcoming economic and environmental challenges, expanding cooperation free of protectionism and discrimination in transport, energy, trade and tourism, and strengthening interconnectedness. It is in our common interest to ensure social and economic rights of citizens, movement of goods, capitals without any ideological, political, and sanction limitations, dividing lines and double standards. The future of the OSCE space from Vancouver to Vladivostok is in our hands. Right now - and we understand this - the West is not ready for dialogue, relying on military force and diktat. We are sure however that the time for a serious conversation will come. To this end, it is necessary to preserve this platform of parliamentary interaction - if everyone is really able to realize their degree of responsibility for the future of the peoples,” the statement reads.

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