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22 March 2023, 17:49

Belarus resolutely condemns report on ‘human rights violations' at UN meeting

MINSK, 22 March (BelTA) - Belarus lives and develops despite the pressure and hysteria whipped up by a number of Western countries or false reports about the country, Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva Larisa Belskaya said as she commented on the report on "human rights violations" in Belarus in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election and in its aftermath presented at the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council, BelTA has learned.

"I would like to begin my speech with an invitation that we have repeatedly extended in this hall: Come to visit Belarus! Today, residents of 2/3 of the countries of the world can visit Belarus without visas. You will see the calm and well-groomed cities and villages of Belarus, the peaceful creative life of its citizens. Talk to factory workers and farmers, doctors, teachers, students, artists and athletes or to people on the streets. Thus, you will get true information," Larisa Belskaya said.

She stressed that Belarus remains committed to promoting and protecting human rights, building a peaceful, just and social-barriers free society which has been repeatedly confirmed within the framework of the Universal Periodic Reviews and many specialist reports and ratings of the UN.

“Belarus lives and develops despite the pressure and hysteria whipped up by a number of Western countries and the so-called ‘OHCHR expertise' which has been churning out false reports about my country for a year, one of which is presented today. Both the authors of such reports and the sponsors of anti-Belarusian resolutions in the Human Rights Council humiliate the Belarusian people, trying to identify our entire nation with several marginal NGOs and a couple of hundred alleged oppositionists who cowardly fled the country after the unsuccessful attempt at the color revolution in 2020. These people, who tried to illegally seize power in Belarus, are ‘businessmen from democracy and human rights'. Today, as in 2020, their activities to discredit and undermine the Belarusian state are paid and directed by Western sponsors," the diplomat said.

Larisa Belskaya noted that the coup attempt in Belarus failed in 2020. But the information war against the country is gaining momentum. "The reasons for the attacks on Belarus are, first of all, geopolitical. We do not want to be drawn into the orbit of Western influence. We are pursuing an independent foreign policy. We maintain stability, despite the strangling sanctions by a number of Western countries and their regular attempts to destabilize the situation and draw Belarus into an armed conflict. The people who survived the genocide of the Second World War will not bow to intimidation and threats," the Belarusian diplomat stressed.

The diplomat expressed gratitude to the allies and partners for valuable support and fruitful cooperation for the prosperity of our peoples.

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