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11 May 2023, 13:50

Belarus criticizes initiative of Western countries to launch Moscow Mechanism

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MINSK, 11 May (BelTA) – Belarus' permanent representative office in the OSCE has harshly criticized the initiative of Western countries to launch the Moscow Mechanism as a politically motivated step, which true goal is to continue putting pressure on the country's sovereign authorities under any invented pretext, representatives of the Belarusian diplomatic mission to Vienna told BelTA.

A report of the so-called rapporteur on Belarus was reviewed at a session of the OSCE Permanent Council on 11 May within the framework of the OSCE's Moscow Mechanism. It was harshly criticized by Belarus' permanent representative office in the OSCE. After discussion within the framework of the OSCE Permanent Council the work of the rapporteur and the mechanism with regard to Belarus was finished. The so-called report will be sent to archives.

The Belarusian delegation noted: “The Republic of Belarus considers the initiative launched by a number of OSCE member states to begin another investigation with regard to Belarus within the framework of the so-called Moscow Mechanism and the document, which was discussed today, as politically motivated, prejudiced, and null and void. Human history convincingly demonstrates that a mutually acceptable resolution can be found for the most complicated issues of interstate relations, long-standing differences of opinion, and complaints about each other. However, effective search for such resolutions is possible only in the atmosphere of respect for sovereign rights and interests of each other without using tools of force action and intimidation.”

“By talking to Belarus using the arrogant language of destructive sanctions, isolation, and pressure, by thoughtlessly rejecting responsible search for a compromise through diplomacy, the collective political West has deprived itself of the ability to be heard by Belarusian authorities,” the Belarusian delegation stated. “No number of accusatory reports and vociferous speeches in this hall can change this simple truth. Nobody should entertain any illusions about the meaning of what is going on in this hall. It is not responsible communication of representatives of sovereign powers, who aim to achieve real results.”

The Belarusian delegation noted: “Under the guise of high-sounding words a propaganda event meant to demonize an undesirable state has once again been organized in this hall. Even greater estrangement of the sides and the undermining of the possibility of prompt resumption of the interstate dialogue will be the only result of this event.”

“The usefulness of such propaganda equals zero,” the delegation believes.

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