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03 March 2023, 13:29

Belarus, China very pleased with outcome of Beijing talks

BEIJING, 3 March (BelTA) - The delegations of Belarus and China were very pleased with the results of the talks in Beijing, Belarusian Ambassador to China Yuri Senko told the media as he commented on the Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko's state visit to China.

Talks were held at the highest level. There were also meetings with participation of heads of government, ministries and departments. “All the meetings were very constructive. The parties discussed even more issues than the agenda included. All members of the delegations from both the Belarusian and Chinese sides were really pleased with the results of the negotiations. We have set a lot of new tasks that we will be working on as part of the agreements signed during the visit,” the ambassador said.

All in all, almost 40 different agreements were signed in the presence of heads of state and on the sidelines of the visit. Their cumulative economic effect is estimated at $3.5 billion. “Roadmaps will be worked out to fulfill the agreements. Regulators are working to detail the work as part of these roadmaps. The work will have a cumulative effect, thus the results will become more pronounced over time,” Ambassador Yuri Senko said.

He highlighted the importance of the past meetings of Aleksandr Lukashenko with representatives of China's big businesses. “It was an absolutely constructive business conversation, a normal desire to work with our country,” said the ambassador. “We are talking about investment, cooperation, setting up of large enterprises in Belarus, including in the Great Stone Industrial Park,” he added.

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and Chinese President Xi Jinping
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and Chinese President Xi Jinping

"The head of state gave instructions in the furtherance of the agreements. Representatives of ministries and departments will travel to China to work out all the details of the new agreements. This will yield a corresponding effect that will count towards the aggregate outcome of the state visit of the president," Ambassador Yuri Senko said.

It is important that during the talks, Chinese President Xi gave clear signals towards full cooperation with Belarus and new content to match the new level of bilateral relations - an all-weather and comprehensive strategic partnership. Areas of mutual interest and prospects for cooperation in the new era are defined in detail in the joint statement of the heads of state. "Our countries see each other as the partners with whom you build long-term cooperation," the head of the embassy emphasized.

The talks in Beijing also touched upon international issues. "Both China and Belarus are very concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We know how much effort the Belarusian president has put in, making a lot of proposals to stabilize the situation in the neighboring country. The PRC has been doing the same. Here, the positions of our countries are similar. We hope that the international community will take note of these joint efforts and take on board the peace initiatives and the vision of the peace process proposed by Belarus and China today. We hope that the voice of our countries will be heard and that the international community will soon set on the course towards peaceful settlement," Ambassador Yuri Senko noted.

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