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20 January 2023, 14:00

When Clouds rain Literature-Women throughout Syrian letters' history


DAMASCUS, 20 January (BelTA - SANA). - The unjust war on Syria showed how much society needs a woman's role in it, as Syrian stars shone from Damascus, which is one of the oldest cities in history, and it still radiates with its light and civilizations, and this light will remain whatsoever the terrorists try to blow it out.

The history of Syrian literature is full of female names who contributed to lighting the sky of elegant human style through their writings, such as Colette Khoury, Ghada Al-Samman, and many others.

Ghada Al-Samman, who has been renowned since the sixties of the last century as a prominent star in the world of journalism and literature, is the daughter of the Damascene neighborhood, which is rich in the scent of jasmine.

She was born in 1942 in Damascus and worked in journalism and was able, through her writings, to break the rule and take care of various social and humanitarian issues away from the limits of women's issues , she wrote about love, war and freedom.

She is the well-known Syrian writer and novelist in the Arab world and internationally, despite her migration, her novels and poems were filled with the fragrance of jasmine and Damascene basil.

About Damascus, she said “I love your noise at the moment of silence and the chatter of your silence.. and in your earthquake I find my stability.. And because disunion is our daily meeting ..your presence is a permanent surprise.”

Al-Samman was one of the female writers who observed conspiracies and wars against the Arab world, and published dozens of books that included the arts of literature, such as stories, novels, and essays, which made her a focus for readers to follow throughout the Arab world.

The story did not stop here, in Syria there are princesses, queens, and empresses who played important roles on the level of Syria and the world, such as the Phoenician princess Europe, who gave her name to the smallest continent of the ancient world, Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, the Roman Empress of Syrian origin, Julia Domna, and the Byzantine Empress of Syrian origin, Theodora.

That is Syria, and that is what it was rich of.

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