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07 March 2023, 11:52

Foreign Minister Qin Gang briefs the media: Highlights


BEIJING, 7 March (BelTA - China Daily). - Foreign Minister Qin Gang answers questions about the country's foreign policy and diplomatic relations at a press conference on Tuesday during the first session of the 14th National People's Congress, China's top legislature.

Here are some highlights:

- China firmly opposes any form of hegemonism, power politics

China stands firmly against any form of hegemonism and power politics, against the Cold War mentality and camp-based confrontation, and against containment and suppression.

China has steadily resumed exchanges with foreign countries, and China's diplomacy has pressed the "acceleration button".

China will host two major diplomatic events at home this year — the first China-Central Asia Summit and the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

- Chinese modernization a boost to global peace, justice, progress

Chinese modernization has provided important inspirations for other countries by putting the people first and as the modernization of common prosperity for all.

- Taiwan question

Resolving the Taiwan question is a matter for the Chinese people, no other country should interfere.

The Taiwan question is the first red line of China-US relations that cannot be crossed. US should stop containing China by exploiting Taiwan question.

China will continue to show the utmost sincerity and make the utmost efforts to achieve peaceful reunification, but it will reserve the option of taking all necessary measures.

- Ukraine crisis

The Ukraine crisis is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

China chooses peace and dialogue over war and sanctions.

China has offered 12 propositions on settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

China has not provided any weapons to either side of Ukraine conflict.

Peace talks should begin as soon as possible.

- Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road Initiative is high-quality public good initiated by China and shared by the world.

BRI has established more than 3, 000 cooperation projects over past 10 years.

It is never China that should be accused of creating the so-called debt traps.

- China-Japan relationship

China and Japan should learn lessons from history to foster a better relationship in new era.

Japan not to choose beggar-thy-neighbor approach.

Chinese people never accept any form of historical revisionism.

China and Japan should promote win-win cooperation and jointly ensure stable and smooth industrial and supply chains.

Japan is urged to properly handle the disposal of Fukushima nuclear wastewater in a responsible manner.

- US 'Indo-Pacific strategy' to form exclusive blocs

US "Indo-Pacific strategy" is an attempt to form exclusive blocs, provoke confrontation.

US "Indo-Pacific Strategy" seeks to create Asia-Pacific version of NATO.

Asia and Asia-Pacific region should be a platform for win-win cooperation.

- China supports strategic autonomy of Middle East countries

China is willing to promote security and stability, be a partner for development and prosperity, and boost unity and strength in the Middle East.

China-EU relationship

China-Europe relationship is not targeted at any third party, nor controlled by any third party.

China always regards Europe as comprehensive strategic partner.

China hopes Europe truly achieve strategic autonomy and lasting security and stability.

China is willing to work with Europe to uphold the real multilateralism.

- 'Wolf warrior diplomacy' a narrative trap

Chinese diplomats must confront "jackals, wolves" head on to protect motherland.

- For young people

Young people are our hope and will shape the future.

Young Chinese people encouraged to play an important role in making China's voice heard loud and clear around world.

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