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07 February 2023, 11:11

Damage caused to some archeological sites in Aleppo, Hama, and Tartous due to the earthquake


DAMASCUS, 7 February (BelTA - SANA). - Initial reports received by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums from some provinces indicated damage was caused to some archaeological sites as a result of the earthquake.

In Aleppo, the castle suffered minor and moderate damages, including the fall of parts of the mill, the occurrence of cracks and cracks, and the fall of parts of the northeastern defensive walls.

Also, large parts of the dome of the lighthouse of the Ayyubid mosque fell, and the entrances to the castle were damaged, including the entrance to the Mamluk defensive tower, and the facade of the Ottoman hospice.

Cracks and appeared on the facade of the National Museum in Aleppo. in addition to damages and collapses in al-Aqaba district and the fall of a number of historical mosque minarets in Aleppo.

In Hama, historical buildings in the province were affected, as parts of some of the historical facades of these buildings fell.

In Salamyieh city, the reports indicated that 1 m fell from the upper part of the minaret of the Imam Ismail Mosque, which led to a crack in the façade of the mosque due to the fall of the parts mentioned on it. Parts of the outer walls of Shmemis Castle were seen falling, and they were estimated at 10 m2.

Some buildings inside al-Marqab Castle damaged, rocky cliff, residential buildings near Qadmous Castle fell down also.

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