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08 August 2022, 15:51
Sergei Mikheyev

United States is solving its economic problems at the expense of EU

Sergei Mikheyev
Sergei Mikheyev
Russian political scientist, radio and TV presenter

The United States is solving its economic problems at the expense of the European Union, Russian political scientist Sergei Mikheyev told the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA's YouTube channel.

"Europe introduced its own currency - the euro. But the problems that Europe is beginning to face in connection with the anti-Russian sanctions are already weakening the financial system of the euro. I don't rule out that it was an idea of the United States: to create an economic crisis for the stupid Europeans with their imaginary ideas of Ukrainian democracy to undermine the euro," Sergei Mikheyev said.

In his opinion, the United States understands that there is a risk of the world abandoning the dollar, so they are trying to strengthen their currency by bringing down the euro. "They are trying to solve their problems at the expense of the European Union. If the European economy collapses and the euro ceases to be a reserve currency, this will be a boon for the dollar. No matter how strange it may sound for supporters of Euro-Atlantic unity, but the Americans are solving their problems not at the expense of Russia and China, but at the expense of Europe. They are driving up the cost of European products, lowering the level of production. This is how the United States is solving their problems," Sergei Mikheyev believes.

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