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16 July 2021, 18:42
Mikhail Rusy

Steady work of worker collectives underpins Belarus' economic security

Mikhail Rusy
Mikhail Rusy
Member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly

Steady and smooth work of worker collectives is the foundation of the country's economic security. Chairman of the Regional Policy and Local Self-Government Commission of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Mikhail Rusy made the statement as he met with workers of the Mogilev-based civil engineering company Construction Trust No. 12 on 16 July, BelTA has learned.

The senator said: “It is worker collectives that ensure the economic stability of our state. The more steadily and harder we work, the better we will live. Thanks to the professionalism of worker collectives like yours our country has done well and continues working despite the circumstances. We continue improving parameters even amid the pandemic – the biological one and the economic one.”

Mikhail Rusy remarked that Construction Trust No. 12 had earned good reputation not only in Belarus but far abroad. The company is busy building a secondary school in Voronezh Oblast, Russian Federation. The customer is more than satisfied with the work and progress of the project and has invited the Belarusian company to submit bids for more construction tenders.

Mikhail Rusy went on saying: “Your organization has considerable invaluable experience of planning, designing, and organizing work for the sake of reducing the time needed to build things fast. We are going to introduce these approaches everywhere because faster and quality construction results in good salaries. When a facility is commissioned on time, it benefits the country's budget and the budget of individuals. The strength of the state lies in manageability and economy. If there is economy, there will be everything else.”

According to the senator, taxes help build hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and roads. The state budget also pays for free vaccination: two doses of the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine (Sputnik V) cost $40 for the state. Construction Trust No. 12 also contributes to higher living standards in Mogilev. In the last five years the company built residential buildings, social and cultural facilities, including a secondary school and a clinic, a treatment wing of the Mogilev Oblast Children's Hospital, and a regional diagnostics center. Construction Trust No. 12 has also reconstructed a number of enterprises and beautified populated localities.

At present Construction Trust No. 12 employs over 1,000 people, with their average age in excess of 40 years. The company received a letter of thanks from the Belarus president in 2020 for a significant contribution to the development of the civil engineering industry and in recognition of outstanding results. According to Mikhail Rusy, the success of an enterprise depends heavily on the head of the enterprise. “Strong leaders, who can make the entire collective follow the same policy, have always been appreciated,” the senator stressed.

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