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02 September 2020, 14:23
Vladimir Kukharev

Solutions to complicated problems can be found only together with workers of an enterprise

Vladimir Kukharev
Vladimir Kukharev
Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus

Solutions to complicated problems in any industry can be found only together with workers of enterprises. Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Kukharev made the relevant statement as he met with workers of the civil engineering company OAO Mogilevtekhmontazh.

According to the source, during such meetings workers of construction companies, for instance, can give tips about ways to resolve the industry's problems. In particular, the legal base can be amended because a lot of it is outdated and requires serious adjustments. People encounter serious difficulties in their line of work every day. They are presented with an opportunity to talk about them during such meetings. The process of improving working conditions begins like that, Vladimir Kukharev is convinced.

During the meeting Mogilevtekhmontazh asked Vladimir Kukharev about amendments of the legislation, higher salaries, and simpler procedures that will allow Belarusian construction workers to work in Russia. Vladimir Kukharev noted that many of these matters are being worked on now, some of them will be resolved by the end of September.

Vladimir Kukharev also touched upon the government's plans for the next five years. “Close attention will be paid to the construction of housing and roads in the country, to repairs of municipal roads, the development of the housing and utilities industry and the social sphere. We will make these plans come true with your assistance,” the official stressed.

The public joint-stock company (OAO) Mogilevtekhmontazh was founded in 1998. It includes three construction directorates that perform all kinds of construction, installation, and specialized work at any stage of a construction project. The company employs over 1,000 people.

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