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15 April 2022, 13:38
Aleksei Dzermant

Russia will go all the way to protect Belarus

Aleksei Dzermant
Aleksei Dzermant
Political scientist

Russia will protect Belarus like its own land if threats to Belarus' security are encountered. The political analyst Aleksei Dzermant made the statement on the air of the Belarusian TV channel ONT, BelTA has learned.

Aleksei Dzermant said: “Russia will defend Belarus like itself. Nuclear weapons will be used if things go south.”

The analyst stressed that primarily Warsaw should understand it. He did not rule out that Poland may arrange a provocation at the Belarusian border either under the influence of the United States of America or on its own. Distracting Russia's attention from Ukraine may be one of the goals.

Aleksei Dzermant said: “Regretfully I cannot rule it out. And we have to understand that only our own Armed Forces can stop them without Russia's aid. With a decisive and tough strike right away. Poles listen to Americans. But in reality elites can arrange something they will be unable to control later on.”

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