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18 April 2021, 13:14
Nikolai Shchekin

Reports about the coup indicate Belarus has become a stumbling block for the West

Nikolai Shchekin
Nikolai Shchekin
Head of the Political and Economic Sociology Center at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Reports about preparations for a coup and a physical elimination of the president vividly testify that Belarus has become a stumbling block for the collective West's strategic plans on destroying the Slavic world and eliminating Russia, BelTA learned from Nikolai Shchekin, Candidate of Philosophy, Head of the Sociology of Public Administration Department at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Nikolai Shchekin said: “It is obvious that intelligence services and political elites of the West are intent on implementing the well-known four-stage hybrid war model. Dictatorial pressure on Belarus after the latest presidential election produced no results. The fifth column and the fugitives failed to produce results in exchange for the money invested in them. Belarus turned out to be more stable and monolithic in the face of the threat than the West had assumed. It is understandable that actions meant to physically eliminate state leaders are launched only upon direct orders of the top politicians of foreign countries. We've encountered state terrorism on behalf of a number of Western countries and their leaders. I am convinced that President of Russia Vladimir Putin was supposed to be the next target.”

In his words, the USA is out of constructive options in a bid to preserve its hegemony and advance the military colonial policy. “Any political process (the overthrow of a legal government all the more so) follows its own logic: there is always a starting point and a finishing point. This is why as I repeatedly said that I don't want to feel any illusions regarding actions of the so-called protesters, I meant that it was too early to be complacent. Let's be frank: a war on Belarus has been declared. In the future the hybrid war will bring about direct military interference and a state coup, the physical elimination of the president and the power vertical, the capture of administrative buildings under the guidance of Western intelligence agencies. Belarus will be simply entangled in a military strategy scheme targeting Russia via the blood of a civil war,” Nikolai Shchekin noted.

The expert mentioned several steps in the “project” meant to destabilize the situation. “First, the physical elimination of the president and people close to him. Second, linkup with Ukrainian nationalists. Third, capture of important government agencies. Fourth, the declaration of a new government. Fifth, the address to the ‘international community' regarding the possibility of a military invasion from neighboring Western countries. Sixth, repressions and the establishment of a transitionary puppet corrupted regime for a gradual sale of Belarus. I believe that in this case the head of state should be invested with extraordinary powers and the new Constitution should take it into account,” the political analyst contemplated. “I hope now many citizens will be able to properly evaluate actions of the president in the post-election period. Unfortunately, the worst fears have come true albeit purely as plans. This is why once again the Union State of Belarus and Russia has demonstrated its reliability while the security agencies – KGB and FSB – have demonstrated their effectiveness. The work on improving the legislation on national and public security should be accelerated and brought to a logical conclusion. It is necessary to fully inventory all the laws pertaining to national interests of the country and preserving its sovereignty.”

Nikolai Shchekin believes it is necessary to mobilize the government (ideological) vertical and focus on the personnel policy, on the stability of the state administration system and economic effectiveness. “I am convinced in the near future we will see an escalation of aggressive and toxic actions on the part of political elites of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and a number of other countries (Biden's curve) meant to intensify nationalistic and religious trends in the Belarusian society. Kids, the family, and the Motherland are the most precious thing a person has. This is why any threats to them must be resolutely, harshly, and legally suppressed. Enemies must feel the full rigor of the law applied to traitors. Everyone, who will soon start demanding their release or talking about political persecution, must be treated as accessories to terrorism,” Nikolai Shchekin concluded.

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