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18 November 2021, 13:22
Aleksei Avdonin

Poland has showed its inability to address the refugee crisis

Aleksei Avdonin
Aleksei Avdonin
Analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (BISR)

Poland has showed its inability to address the refugee crisis and therefore other players, Moscow, Minsk, Berlin and Paris, have had to pitch in, analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research Aleksei Avdonin told the SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper, BelTA has learned.

"We are witnessing a new world order emerging in Europe, in which there is no place for the imperial ambitions of Poland and the Baltic states. All ambitions to recreate a new Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of sorts, a new Grand Duchy of Lithuania or a new Polska od morza do morza [Poland from sea to sea] evaporated and sank into oblivion once Warsaw used water cannons, special means and generally acted inhumanely towards refugees,” the expert noted. “Poland failed to show ‘imperial generosity' and resolve the refugee crisis on its own. Therefore the problem is being dealt with outside Poland, in the capitals of other European countries: Moscow, Minsk, Berlin and Paris. By applying inadequately harsh pressure on refugees, Warsaw actually behaved like ‘a spoiled brat'. According to experts, such behavior is Poland's response to its recent ‘punishment' by Brussels (fine) for failing to uphold the primacy of the EU law, and also the EU's decision to halt financial assistance to Poland.

According to Aleksei Avdonin, the current Polish leadership is actively trying to garner the support of the world's power players, in particular the United States and NATO. “The rapid deployment of NATO troops (tanks, SPG, MLRS, special units) to the borders of the Union State under the guise of responding to the refugee crisis is no coincidence. This gives Warsaw and hotheads in the alliance the opportunity to turn the refugee crisis into an armed conflict on the borders of not just the Republic of Belarus but the Union State and the CSTO any time using a provocation. The situation with refugees on the border between Belarus and Poland is actually a new form of international terrorism, which is used against Belarus and the European Union. The United States does not need a strong EU. Poland is perceived by the USA as a tool to weaken the European Union (especially Germany and France) and to prevent closer political and economic cooperation with the Russian Federation,” Aleksei Avdonin said.

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