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14 May 2021, 11:38
Piotr Petrovsky

NATO is intent on changing the balance of strategic forces in the region

Piotr Petrovsky
Piotr Petrovsky
Analyst with the Belarusian public association Belaya Rus

The NATO bloc is intent on changing the balance of strategic forces in the region, BelTA learned from Piotr Petrovsky, an expert with the Belarusian public association Belaya Rus.

Piotr Petrovsky said: “The decision to set up a NATO base was not made yesterday. It was made back when Trump was the president. We remember the Fort Trump idea. We remember that amid the Ukrainian crisis the Polish government took every effort to lobby for militarizing its territory, increasing NATO funding for rearming the army, expanding the NATO contingent, and for creating an American military base in Poland. This decision was made back in Trump's days and we see that it is being implemented.”

In his words, it means the NATO bloc intends to change the balance of strategic forces in the region. “It would like to have a strategic advantage. The key task for us is to equalize this balance. In other words, we have to modernize our own army, improve weaponry, step up cooperation with the Russian Federation within the framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia and the Collective Security Treaty Organization in order to preserve the balance of forces in the region, to prevent strategic misbalance and the loss of the strategic initiative,” the expert noted.

Piotr Petrovsky stressed that the loss of the balance of forces in the region to the benefit of the NATO bloc and NATO countries represents a direct threat to Belarus. “Because we are losing the strategic initiative. Our forces may be insufficient for repulsing a hypothetical aggression,” he said. “If we recall the summer of 2020, then unfortunately some of the experts close to Poland's elite, for instance, and the reporters connected to the ruling party suggested revising the status of the Belarusian city of Grodno. In other words, they suggested violating the territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Belarus. These chauvinistic territorial claims that fly in the air of the ruling party of official Warsaw in composition with the growing military presence of the NATO bloc certainly represent some threat and danger to the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Belarus.”

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