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21 July 2021, 14:27
Nikolai Shchekin

Lithuanian migrant policy is similar to Nazi deportations

Nikolai Shchekin
Nikolai Shchekin
Candidate of Philosophy, Head of the Sociology of Public Administration Department at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

This is Nazism, only the Nazis acted this way, Nikolai Shchekin, Candidate of Philosophy, Head of the Sociology of Public Administration Department at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, told the Alfa Radio, BelTA learned from

“The lies and hypocrisy of the collective West have destroyed international relations and the entire security system. Yesterday our head of state delivered a landmark speech in front of the diplomatic corps. It was an open, meaningful and tough conversation, and not only in relation to diplomats. On the political chessboard, President Aleksandr Lukashenko checkmated the collective West, and above all the Baltic states and Poland. They wanted to reduce us to a transit zone for drug trafficking, a hub for arms trade. But everything turned out the other way around. The president was wiser,” the analyst said. “In this sense, Lithuania is reaping what they have sowed for us. The cases that were mentioned during the meeting are shocking,” he added.

Nikolai Shchekin is convinced that European politicians will not comment on them. “They will not react, they will not criticize their own flaws. Don't expect anything from them. Moreover, the West will use them against Belarus. Believe me, we will see it in a week. This is Nazism, only the Nazis acted that way. I cannot say what is going on in the minds of the Lithuanian president and foreign minister. But, in my opinion, they are losing it. They have cornered themselves with their toxic anti-Belarus policy,” the expert stressed.

Belarus used to stop the flows of migrants at its own expense, Nikolai Shchekin said. “Now they understand that we were not just a buffer, but a wall, an iron curtain. We stopped tens and hundreds of thousands of migrants. They did not even thank us for that,” Nikolai Shchekin said.

As it was reported earlier, Belarusian border guards detained three groups of illegal migrants who crossed the border from Lithuania. In the morning of 18 July, the military of the Geraneny outpost of the Lida border guard detected a group of 14 Iraqi citizens. The next day, seven more exhausted foreigners who introduced themselves as Iraqi citizens were found in the same area, and five more people were found in the village of Klevitsa - a pregnant woman in a state of shock, for whom an ambulance was immediately called, two children and two men.

“The trespassers said they had been staying in a refugee camp in Lithuania. According to the Iraqi citizens, personnel of the Lithuanian border service had questioned them and had forced them to provide testimony and say they had bribed Belarusian border personnel for assistance with crossing the border. The refugees had not been fed, had not been allowed to drink, and had been beaten with batons, which is confirmed by multiple bruises and abrasions on their bodies. Right after the interrogation, the Iraqi citizens were transported to the Belarus-Lithuania border, were threatened with weapons and forced into Belarus' territory,” the State Border Committee said.

One of the people caught in the third group stated that the five people were Iraqi citizens. Armed people in camouflage uniforms had stopped them in Lithuania. The border trespassers gave them their passports, but those individuals only tore them up and threw them away. Then the Iraqi citizens were forced with the use of physical violence to leave Lithuania and enter Belarus.

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