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27 January 2023, 19:27
Vadim Borovik

Lithuania does not care about the Polish nuclear power plant because Lithuania is an ally of Poland

Vadim Borovik
Vadim Borovik
Political analyst

Lithuania does not care about it because Lithuania is an ally of Poland, the political analyst Vadim Borovik told BelTA as he commented on Poland's plans to build a nuclear power plant in the Baltic Sea area.

Vadim Borovik said: “We often see that our partners in the international dialogue indulge in ordinary speculation and manipulation of various facts, in building a policy that exclusively serves egotistical interests without taking into account Belarus' national interests. Belarus has built a modern nuclear power plant. A state-of-the-art one. In compliance with cutting-edge technologies and taking into account all the safety norms. We've invited International Atomic Energy Agency experts, experts from neighboring countries so that they could get familiar with construction progress. But we constantly hear accusations that we threaten the ecological safety of the region, that our nuclear power plant is a threat to, for instance, the Baltic states, to Lithuania, to be exact. Lithuania was the most scandalous one. Poland supported Lithuania on the issue more or less. Certainly, Lithuania played the key role and speculated on the problem. Now we've found out that Poland is going to build a nuclear power plant of its own. Without consulting with anyone. And this matter doesn't worry, for instance, Lithuanians although the nuclear power plant will be built next to Lithuania. Nobody cares about any safety considerations anymore.”

The analyst described the situation as double standards. “We see double standards everywhere: not only in politics but in matters concerning the development of national energy industries. Our neighbors don't ask when they want to build something. If they need it, they build it without paying attention to others,” Vadim Borovik stressed. “Lithuania doesn't care about it because it is an ally of Poland. Lithuania and Poland are very seriously co-dependent on each other, bluntly speaking, in trade, economy, military and political affairs. They often pursue a well-coordinated anti-Russian and anti-Belarusian agenda. They support each other. They have obligations within the framework of NATO and the European Union. They cannot confront a neighbor and a partner, with which they share the Baltic Sea among other things. This is why they are silent. Although they may be worried about it to a degree. But they believe it is inadmissible to strain relations.”

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