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24 January 2022, 16:47
Andrei Chernobai

It is wrong to tie the Allied Resolve 2022 exercise to the referendum in Belarus

Andrei Chernobai
Andrei Chernobai
Analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research

It is wrong to tie the Belarusian-Russian army exercise Allied Resolve 2022 to the forthcoming constitutional referendum in Belarus, BelTA learned from Andrei Chernobai, a military analyst of the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (BISR).

A number of sources have been claiming lately that the Russian troops, who came to Belarus for the army exercise, will perform a stabilizing function during the referendum. The analyst dismissed such claims as at least incompetent.

Andrei Chernobai said: “First, Belarus can ensure public security on its own, including during everyday life and during political campaigns. Second, the forthcoming army exercise has a concrete goal – to check the ability of military command and control bodies to carry out missions in order to ensure the military security of the Union State of Belarus and Russia.”

One should also compare the timing of the army exercise and the constitutional referendum, the expert noted. “The exercise will end on 20 February. Most of the Russian troops will have already left the country by the time the constitutional referendum is held on 27 February,” Andrei Chernobai stated.

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