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26 January 2023, 12:49
Oleg Gaidukevich

European Parliament turned into bureaucracy churning out useless resolutions

Oleg Gaidukevich
Oleg Gaidukevich
Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives

The European Parliament has turned into a bureaucratic office that churns out needless resolutions, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich told reporters commenting on the European Parliament's resolution on the establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine, BelTA reports.

“We are already used to this flurry of non-binding propaganda papers that have no impact. Another document of this kind dealt with their plans to set up some tribunal to bring to justice Russia and Belarus for some alleged aggression. Firstly, these documents have no legal force, it is impossible to create any tribunals bypassing the UN Security Council. Secondly, the European Parliament itself has turned into some kind of bureaucratic office churning out useless resolutions,” he said.

The tribunal is needed not for us, the MP emphasized. “The tribunal is needed for what they did to Iraq, Libya, what they did to Yugoslavia. For now, instead of pushing the parties to sit down at the negotiating table and bringing peace to Ukraine faster (which Belarus and our president are insisting on), they are delivering weapons, tanks and fast-tracking the war. This is the kind of tribunal that is needed. I think that sooner or later the peoples of Europe will deal with these politicians who, instead of resolving the problems of their own countries, compile papers against Belarus. By doing that, these politicians spend a lot of taxpayers' money,” the MP said.

“Belarus remains committed to a dialogue with all the countries of the European Union,” Oleg Gaidukevich stated. “We are still in touch with many politicians and parliamentarians. But we will never tolerate pressure, diktat. This resolution of the European Parliament is just another piece of paper that will end up in a trash can because it has neither legal force nor political impact,” he added.

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