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24 December 2021, 15:47
Aleksei Dzermant

Czeczko's testimony must be documented, thoroughly investigated

Aleksei Dzermant
Aleksei Dzermant
Political scientist

The confessions of Polish serviceman Emil Czeczko are shocking, they must be documented as accurately as possible and thoroughly investigated, political scientist Aleksei Dzermant said on the air of Alfa Radio, BelTA informs citing

“These crimes against humanity, the genocide of people based on faith and ethnicity are grounds for initiating more than one criminal case, and these cases should have international jurisdiction. It is clear that Belarus will not be able to succeed if it undertakes the investigation on its own, because Poland and the European Union ignore our requests. However, the UN, other organizations and human rights defenders can be of help here. Of course, much depends on the position of individual countries of the United Nations. We count on Russia and China, but the most important role here can be played by the Muslim world, because their Muslim brothers and sisters are being killed,” the expert said.

Aleksei Dzermant believes that the Polish government found itself in the crosshairs, because in order to refute Emil Czeczko's testimony they will have to allow investigators, lawyers, and human rights activists to their border area.

“Modern technology allows finding out anything, for example, where the graves are located, what type of weapons were used to kill the refugees. I am sure that the testimony of the Polish serviceman is just the beginning of the investigation into the actions of Poland and Lithuania. Of course, Poland will try to destroy the evidence, but once the truth has surfaced, things will get even worse for Poland. They will not be able to cope with it, and sooner or later they will be brought to account. Moreover, the political positions of the ruling regime in Poland are very shaky, and this situation can undermine their chances of remaining in power,” the political scientist added.

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