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01 March 2019, 15:31
Natalya Eismont

Big Conversation will give feedback to prepare Belarus president's annual address

Natalya Eismont
Natalya Eismont
Press Secretary of the Belarusian head of state

Tomorrow's Big Conversation with the President will be a meeting with representatives of the general public and the expert community, representatives of Belarusian and foreign mass media. It will give an opportunity for feedback from people in preparing the Belarus president's traditional address to the nation and the parliament, BelTA learned from Natalya Eismont, Press Secretary of the Belarusian head of state.

The press secretary stressed that the forthcoming Big Conversation with the President is very important not only because it offers an excellent opportunity to sum up last year's accomplishments, discuss the most prominent events with Belarusian and foreign reporters and experts. “It is also important because, as you know, the president traditionally addresses the nation and the parliament in mid-spring. We also look forward to tomorrow's Big Conversation from the point of view of preparations for that event – it is always a very important, guiding document for the entire country,” she said. “For the president it is kind of a litmus test, an opportunity to get feedback, primarily from people, because multiple online polls are in progress in the Internet to find out what worries our society today.”

Natalya Eismont mentioned that the news agency BelTA is now collecting questions that people would like the Belarusian head of state to answer. “Tomorrow we will try to voice the most important ones,” the press secretary said.

Speaking about who will participate in the meeting on 1 March, Natalya Eismont noted that it is the reporters, who know best what Belarusian citizens are concerned about. In turn, experts are leaders of opinions. “Tomorrow's entire conversation will be thoroughly analyzed. The resulting analysis will be used, among other things, to prepare the Belarus president's address to the nation and the parliament,” she added.

BelTA reported earlier that on 1 March Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is expected to meet with representatives of the general public and the expert community, domestic and foreign mass media. The Big Conversation with the President will take place in the administrative building at 14 Pobeditelei Avenue and will begin at 10:30. The number of participants is expected to exceed 200 people. The number will include not only reporters but also representatives of various spheres – political analysts, economists, real economy sector specialists, representatives of public associations and religious confessions. The first Big Conversation with the President took place in February 2017 and invoked a strong response from the general public. That meeting lasted for over seven hours. Answers were given to a lot of questions sent in by BelTA readers.

The TV channel Belarus One and the international satellite TV channel Belarus 24 will broadcast the Big Conversation with the President live. The meeting will be streamed online on the Belarusian State Television and Radio Company website The first channel of the Belarusian radio will broadcast the meeting live, too. Access to live coverage of the event will also be available to viewers of the interstate television and radio company Mir.

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