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19 April 2021, 16:43
Vladimir Archakov

Belarus sees no alternatives to Minsk agreements

Vladimir Archakov
Vladimir Archakov
Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus

Belarus sees no alternatives to the Minsk agreements and is ready to continue hosting negotiations on the Donbass situation, Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council Vladimir Archakov said in an interview to the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA has learned.

“Belarus has always chosen peaceful ways to solve any disputes. To cite [Soviet diplomat] Andrei Gromyko, it is better to negotiate for ten years than to wage war for one day. We still believe that only diplomacy can help resolve! the Donbass conflict. The Republic of Belarus sees no alternatives to the Minsk agreements. We are ready to host meetings of the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, because we have seen that web-based meetings turn into a useless TV show,” Vladimir Archakov said.

He also believes that “Ukraine could show Belarus more civility” and slammed reports about the alleged buildup of Russian military forces in the territory of Belarus, close to the border with Ukraine, as fake news. “I will never believe that the Ukrainian military are so incompetent as to mistake the noise from a logging truck for a convoy of military vehicles. I would like to confirm that Belarus is ready to take part in the resolution of the escalating conflict in Donbass no matter what,” Vladimir Archakov stressed.

He also pointed out the emerging risks and threats to Belarus. Vladimir Archakov does not believe that no one eyes the territory of Belarus without a possible invasion in mind. “Recent events and facts confirm the opposite, especially if we take into account military preparations of our neighboring countries (I am not speaking about Russia). Military expenses of all Belarus' neighboring countries even exceed NATO's minimums, sometimes manifold. Military presence, including of international forces, is building up. The construction of military facilities is in full swing. The number of drills is only growing,” he said.

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