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16 August 2023, 11:05
Aleksandr Tishchenko

Belarus-Russia defense partnership guarantees security of Union State

Aleksandr Tishchenko
Aleksandr Tishchenko
National security expert

Defense partnership between Belarus and Russia guarantees complete security of the Union State, national security expert Aleksandr Tishchenko told BelTA.

“Interaction between Belarus and Russia in the defense sector guarantees the absolute security of the Union State and its residents, and helps provide the countries with the most advanced weapons, including tactical nuclear weapons. These measures will sober up possible aggressors and force them to drop provocative actions against Belarus and Russia,” said Aleksandr Tishchenko.

He added that tactical nuclear weapons are about deterring, not attacking. “These weapons will be used if we are attacked. We do not threaten anyone. Yet, the availability of these weapons can effectively prevent stupid moves of Western neighbors who are seeking to prove something. All the places where decisions to attack the Union State territory can be made are already in our crosshairs. It is not a good idea to anger and intimidate us,” the expert emphasized.

Aleksandr Tishchenko added that Belarus and Russia are successfully resisting the aggressive policy of Western countries in the international arena, promptly and adequately responding to emerging challenges. “In a bid to ensure military, economic, technological and information security amidst the hybrid war unleashed by the United States and its satellites against Belarus and Russia, a common defense space is being created in the Union State, the combat capabilities of the regional military task force are being improved, and economic and defense industry cooperation is being strengthened. It is designed to prevent any type of aggression and avert large-scale military conflicts on the territory of the Union State,” he said.

The expert recalled that the Army 2023 International Military Forum is currently underway at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center near Moscow. Belarus showcases a wide range of defense industry products at the forum. “This is a demonstration of the growing superiority of our weapons over the weapons of the NATO countries. The weapons we have today will help us emerge victorious in any conflict,” Aleksandr Tishchenko said.

Delegations from 41 countries are taking part in the Army 2023 International Military Forum. Belarus has brought over 80 full-scale product samples and mock-ups, including mobility and information display equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, communications and automated control equipment, radar and anti-aircraft missile systems, reconnaissance and electronic warfare equipment, multiple launch rocket systems, etc. The forum will be running till 20 August.

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