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29 July 2022, 13:50
Yakov Kedmi

Belarus is more successful than any other post-Soviet state today

Yakov Kedmi
Yakov Kedmi
Military expert and political analyst

Today Belarus is more successful than any other post-Soviet state, military expert and political analyst Yakov Kedmi told the V Teme [On Point] online project on BelTA's YouTube channel.

“Sanctions against Belarus have not broken the country. Today Belarus is one of the main sources of some products in the world. If the West does not want to use Belarusian fertilizers, there will be those who will need them. The West will grow its own products without Belarusian fertilizers, and we will see what kind of crops they will have. Belarus has the most stable economy among the post-Soviet states today, despite all the sanctions. Belarus has no deposits of oil, uranium or other minerals,” said Yakov Kedmi.

The military expert compared the economies of Belarus and other post-Soviet states: “Ukraine was potentially richer. But what kind of economy Ukraine has today? How developed was the economy of the Baltics, and where is it now? Where is their industry and their youth? The population of Belarus lives and works in Belarus. Belarusian enterprises operate, and the Belarusian economy performs well. Belarusians do not work for Poles or anyone else, picking up strawberries for them.”

In his opinion, Belarus is more successful than any other post-Soviet state today. “It is more stable. There are no oligarchs like Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and others in Belarus. Your land is not plundered. There is public order, and the crime rate is low. Government, social and other structures are being developed. Take a look at other countries. I will tell you even more. In many areas you have made more progress than Russia. You did not have Chubais. Everything you have created is in your possession. You are the masters of your country, of your wealth, which you have created and continue to create,” Yakov Kedmi said.

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