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12 October 2020, 13:54
Gennady Davydko

Belarus' government understands the need for change, moves towards it

Gennady Davydko
Gennady Davydko
Member of the Council of the Republic, Chairman of the public association Belaya Rus

The Belarusian government understands the need for change and is moving towards it opening up opportunities for dialogue. But it is important that people are ready for it, Chairman of the Belaya Rus association Gennady Davydko said in an interview with the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA has learned.

Gennady Davydko outlined the main conditions when dialogue can be possible and impossible. It is impossible when there is no subject of dialogue and there is no one to negotiate with, and second, if one of the parties does not want to have dialogue. The third case is if there is nothing to discuss.

“The big problem is that the people who disagree with the government are not expecting any constitutional changes. They live by emotions, they do not want to talk about it in any meaningful way. They are not interested. Most people, of course, understand that the Constitution is the law by which we live. It is important. Those who take to the streets violating the law on mass events, constantly risking to be punished administratively, do not want to undertake any mental effort in this regard,” Gennady Davydko said.

Gennady Davydko also noted that a lot of proposals for changes to the Constitution have already been submitted and keep coming. “The proposals are very good, meaningful,” he said.

According to Ph.D. in History Vadim Gigin, the secretary of the Belarusian Union of Journalists, very different people take part in protests. There are radical, moderate people, those who are ready for a constructive dialogue, and those who do not want this dialogue. “We need to understand who we are talking about. After all, this is a large group of our fellow citizens. Unfortunately, the society has grown hostile. We have seen these episodes with trolling, bullying, threatening, etc. We need to deal with this atmosphere in the society. First we need to understand who these protesters are, to look at the other side with new eyes if you will,” he believes.

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