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19 May 2020, 11:11
Anatoly Shchastny

Belarus ensures rapid surveying in combating COVID-19

Anatoly Shchastny
Anatoly Shchastny
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Rector of the Vitebsk State Medical University, member of the Council of the Republic's Standing Commission on Legislation and State Building

Belarus ensures rapid surveying at different stages of the fight against COVID-19, Rector of the Vitebsk State Medical University, member of the Council of the Republic's Standing Commission on Legislation and State Building, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Shchastny told BelTA.

Anatoly Shchastny emphasized the importance of the fact that the fight against the coronavirus in Belarus had united healthcare, industry, business and the law enforcement system. “It is very important to what extent the healthcare and not only it is ready for tests, force majeure circumstances such as the coronavirus. It seems to me that we made the necessary surveying very quickly,” said the senator. He cited the Vitebsk Oblast Coronavirus Task Force as an example. “We have ensured well-coordinated work in all the areas,” said Anatoly Shchastny. According to the MP, the task force works in close cooperation with the Healthcare Ministry, which helps it to keep the situation in the region under control. For example, the matter with the shortage of PPE was addressed very quickly. Today, hospitals, clinics and ambulance service have enough of it.

The Vitebsk Medical University has also joined the work to combat the infection. “Clinical departments in hospitals have been quickly repurposed, with their employees joining doctors in treating pneumonias. Lecturers are on the front line. Professors are involved in the consultation of patients. Together with the healthcare department, the university has set up mobile teams to travel to the districts,” the rector said.

He emphasized that students of the university had responded to the call to help their senior colleagues even before the decree on bonuses to physicians was signed. “It pleases me most of all, and inspires confidence in the future of not only healthcare, but also of the country,” Anatoly Shchastny said. There are now more than 300 people working in various departments as nurses. According to Anatoly Shchastny, there were more people willing to join in, but there were not enough vacancies for everyone.

The situation in Vitebsk Oblast is gradually coming back to normal. There is a significant and steady decline in pneumonia cases. We are already talking about returning the healthcare institutions, which have been repurposed for the time of the epidemic, to the previous working mode. Anatoly Shchastny pointed out that people take measures to combat COVID-19 in Belarus very seriously, doing their best to protect themselves by following the recommendations of physicians.

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