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01 April 2019, 16:21

Temporary restrictions on Belarusian motorways

Temporary restrictions on Belarusian motorways

Seasonal restrictions on the maximum load per axle of means of transport, self-propelled vehicles* are in effect on major Belarusian motorways.

In the spring period the temporary restrictions will last through 25 April.

The maximum permissible load per axle:

on major motorways, which are subject to the spring restrictions in line with the attached list,** – 6-8 tonnes.

on other motorways except for those, which are not subject to the seasonal restrictions, – 9 tonnes.

Temporary spring restrictions are not applicable to passenger transportation, live animals, flowers, grain, combined feed, seeds, fertilizers, humanitarian cargoes, medications, mail and parcels, milk and dairy products, hazardous cargoes and perishable goods, cargoes needed to deal with emergencies, road accidents, cargoes of the Eurasian Economic Union member states***, motorway maintenance and repair activities.

*Belarusian Transport and Communications Ministry resolution No.10 of 6 March 2019.

**The list of motorways, which are not subject to spring restrictions, can be found in addendum 1 to resolution No.10 of 6 March 2019.

***Provided the driver has a special permit.

Source: The Belarusian Transport and Communications Ministry.

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