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Organized tourism in Belarus in 2017

Organized tourism in Belarus in 2017

06.03.2018 | 15:20

As many as 1,444 companies offered tourism services in Belarus in 2017. As many as 1.987 million organized tourists and holiday makers bought their services.

Some 727,500 Belarusians travelled abroad for tourism. Of them 19% went to the CIS states, 35.5% to the European Union, and 45.5% to other countries.

The most popular tourist destinations were Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Spain, Greece, Montenegro, Czechia, Lithuania, and Italy.

Belarus attracted 282,700 organized tourists and holiday makers. Russians accounted for 67.7% of them.

Belarus attracted tourists mostly from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, China, Germany, Estonia, UK, and Israel.

Foreign tourists stayed in Belarus for four days on the average.

The number of organized tourists inside the country totaled 82,100 people, with the number of holiday makers at 894,700 people.

There were 1,821 farm tourism and ecotourism estates in Belarus in 2017. As many as 351,100 people used farm tourism and ecotourism services in 2017. Belarusian citizens accounted for 90.4% of the number of these tourists.

Sources: National Statistics Committee, the Tax and Duties Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.