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30 September 2019, 15:47

Day of Older Persons

Day of Older Persons

Belarus marks the Day of Older Persons* every year on 1 October.

On this day the international community observes the International Day of Older Persons established at the initiative of the United Nations in December 1990.

As of January 2019, there were 2,091,700 older persons in Belarus or one in five Belarusians: 1,497,700 of them lived in urban communities and 594,000 in the countryside.

Women make up 64.2% or 1,342,900 of the elderly, men account for 35.8% or 748,800.

People aged 60 years or older make up 7.8% of the workforce**.

Average life expectancy is 74.5 years (69.2 years in men and 79.4 years in women).

Some 939 women and 1,480 men tied the knot late in life; in 739 cases both partners were 60 years or older.

Some 35.8% of older persons use the Internet.

The most common purposes of the Internet use include: information (89%), communication through social networks and forums (65.6%), communication through email and conversations (54.3%), movies and music (67.1%).

*The term "Older persons" is defined as adults aged 60+ years, according to gerontologists.

**Here and below – in 2018.

Source: National Statistics Committee

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