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24 January 2020
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Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament

Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament

04.01.2020 | 13:54

The 16th edition of the Christmas International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament for the Prize of the President of Belarus will be held in Minsk on 3-7 January 2020.

The opening ceremony of the tournament will take place at the Chizhovka Arena (big arena) at 17.30.

Taking part in the tournament are 12 teams: Balkans Team, Baltics Team, IIHF Team, and the teams of Germany, China, the UAE, Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland, and the Belarus President's Team.


3 January

13.00 Ukraine v Switzerland (big ice rink)

13.30 China v UAE (small ice rink)

19.00 Belarus v IIHF Team (big ice rink)

19.30 Baltics Team v Germany (small ice rink)

4 January

13.00 Russia v Baltics Team (big ice rink)

13.30 Finland v Ukraine (small ice rink)

19.00 United States v Belarus (big ice rink)

19.30 Balkans Team v China (small ice rink)

5 January

13.00 Germany v Russia (big ice rink)

13.30 IIHF Team v United States (small ice rink)

19.00 Switzerland v Finland (big ice rink)

19.30 UAE v Balkans Team (small ice rink)

6 January

Playoff, semifinals will be played on the big arena at 13.00 and 19.00

7 January

13.00 bronze-medal game (big ice rink)

19.00 final (big ice rink)

closing ceremony

Four preliminary groups include three teams each. The winners of the groups will advance to the semifinal.

Group A: Belarus, IIHF Team, and the United States;

Group B: China, the UAE, and Balkans Team;

Group C: Ukraine, Switzerland, and Finland;

Group D: Baltics Team, Germany and Russia.

The proceeds from ticket sales will be donated as part of a charity campaign for the first time in the history of the tournament; the funds will go to the Mozyr orphanage.

Source: Belarus' Ice Hockey Federation