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06 September 2019, 14:16

Brest's Millennial Anniversary

Brest's Millennial Anniversary

Brest's Millennial Anniversary

Brest, one of Belarus' oldest cities, is celebrating its millennial anniversary on 6-8 September.

Brest History Highlights

Brest was first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years in 1019.

Brest was the first to receive the Magdeburg Rights in 1390.

The 1441 Privilege granted it the status of one of the main cities of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Brest is home to Belarus' first printing house (1553) and the unique Brest Bible (1563).

Brest holds the first primer in the form of a boxwood comb (13 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet).

The Union of Brest declaring the communion with the Pope of Rome was signed here in 1596.

Belarus' first mint was opened in Brest in 1659.

The Brest Fortress (total area of 4km2) was built in 1842.

A railway station was commissioned in Brest in 1886.

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed here on 3 March 1918.

Brest During the Great Patriotic War

On 22 June 1941 Brest took the brunt of the fierce Nazi attacks at the very start of the Great Patriotic War. The city was liberated on 28 July 1944.

Brest Today

Area: 146.12km2

Population: 350,600 (2019)

Transport and logistics hub

Biggest industries: food production, mechanical engineering, light industry

FEZ Brest is Belarus' first free economic zone (established in 1996)

World-class sports facilities

Belarus Capital of Culture (2015)

CIS Capital of Culture (2019)

*First city in Belarus

Sources: Open sources

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