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30 December 2020, 15:05

Belarusian People's Congress

Belarusian People's Congress

The Belarusian People's Congress is a general assembly of representatives of people, branches of power, enterprises, science and culture. It is one of the most important forms of grassroots democracy.

The congress brings together delegates from all regions of the country.

Main tasks:

to assess the actions of the government over the past five years;

to determine the main areas and parameters of the country's development for the next five years;

to work out a plan of economic and social development of the country.

This quinquennial event has been held in the Palace of the Republic in Minsk, except for the first edition.

First edition - 19-20 October 1996, Palace of Sports, 4,740 delegates

Second edition - 18-19 May 2001, 2,500 delegates

Third edition - 2-3 March 2006, over 2,500 delegates

Fourth edition - 6-7 December 2010, 2,500 delegates

Fifth edition- 22-23 June 2016, 2,500 delegates

Sixth edition- 11-12 February 2021, 2,700 delegates.

* Each region nominates not more than 310 delegates, the city of Minsk - not more than 370 delegates

Sources: Decree No.492 of 28 December 2020,

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