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25 September 2020, 15:37

Belarus-Russia regional cooperation

Belarus-Russia regional cooperation

The 7th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia will be held in Minsk Oblast and Minsk on 28-29 September.

Plans are in place to sign $750 million worth of contracts.

Participants of the previous forums signed business contracts worth around $2 billion, including:

about $300 million at the 3rd Forum of Regions;

over $400 million at the 4th Forum of Regions;

over $500 million at the 5th Forum of Regions;

over $550 million at the 6th Forum of Regions.

Belarus' cooperation with Russian regions*

Top ten Russian regions in terms of import of Belarusian products:

Moscow Oblast


Smolensk Oblast

Saint Petersburg

Bryansk Oblast

Republic of Tatarstan

Kemerovo Oblast

Kaliningrad Oblast

Leningrad Oblast

Sverdlovsk Oblast.

They accounted for 70.8% of Belarus' total export to Russia.

Top ten Russian regions in terms of export to Belarus:

Tyumen Oblast

Smolensk Oblast

Moscow Oblast


Republic of Tatarstan

Saint Petersburg

Perm Krai

Kaluga Oblast

Republic of Bashkortostan

Novosibirsk Oblast.

They accounted for 73.4% of Russia's total export to Belarus.

Russia accounted for 41.5% of Belarus' total merchandise export – $13.7 billion.

Imports from Russia amounted to $22 billion, or 55.8% of Belarus' total merchandise import.

Belarus reported a grwoth in export to 49 Russian federal subjects.

*As of 2019

Sources: Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, the Belarusian Embassy in Russia, the National Statistics Committee

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