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25 February 2020, 16:53

Belarus population

Belarus population

According to the latest population census Belarus' population totaled 9.413 million people, 41,300 people down in comparison with the data registered on 1 October 2019.

Population size (as of the beginning of the year, in thousand people):

2015 – 9,480.9,

2016 – 9,498.4,

2017 – 9,504.7,

2018 – 9,491.8,

2019 – 9,475.6,

1.10.2019 – 9,454.8.

Number of residents in regions of the country*:

Minsk – 2,018.3 thousand people,

Minsk Oblast – 1,471.2 thousand people,

Gomel Oblast – 1,388.5 thousand people,

Brest Oblast – 1,348.1 thousand people,

Vitebsk Oblast – 1,135.7 thousand people,

Grodno Oblast – 1,026.8 thousand people,

Mogilev Oblast – 1,024.8 thousand people.

Urban dwellers – 7.3 million people (77.5%)

Rural dwellers – 2.11 million people (22.5%).

Men – 4.35 million people (46.2%)

Women – 5.06 million people (53.8%).

The census takers also registered some 20,500 foreigners, who were in Belarus at the time.

They polled 95% of the population.

Those, who participated in the census:

22% – filled in forms online,

28% – filled in forms at stationary or mobile stations,

48% – were polled at home.

2% – refused to answer questions.

The people census takers could not reach in their homes were flagged and information about them was pulled from administrative sources.

The population census took place on 4-30 October 2019.

The census covered: citizens of Belarus; foreign citizens and stateless persons, who permanently or temporarily lived/stayed in the country; citizens of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless persons, who permanently live in the country but were temporarily in another country during the census period.

People, who left the country for a business trip, for work or education for a period of one year and more, were not subject to the census.

The collected data was depersonalized in the course of data processing.

*According to the 2019 population census.

Source: The National Statistics Committee.

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